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  • What is HairStylist WebPro?
  • How Do I Build & Edit a Website Using HairStylist WebPro?
  • What Does a HairStylist WebPro Membership Include?
  • How Much Does it Cost?
  • Who Uses HairStylist WebPro?

  • What Makes HairStylist WebPro Better Then Other Website Builders?
  • Can I Use a Unique Design or Make Changes to Existing Designs?
  • I Already Have a Website, Why Should I Switch to HairStylist WebPro?
  • Can I Use My Domain Name With My HairStylist WebPro Website?
  • Can I Try HairStylist WebPro Out Before I Pay Money for it?
  • What is HairStylist WebPro?

    HairStylist WebPro is the leading source for self-administered hair stylist web sites. HairStylist WebPro has members all over the US and Canada (and several other countries as well) including some of the most prominent hairstylists in the country..

    Inexpensive monthly fees, fantastic customer service, and easy to use point and click tools make HairStylist WebPro the best choice for hair stylists looking to take charge of their online marketing. Just $24.95 per month, with No Setup Fees!

    For as little as $7.50/month, HairStylist WebPro offers many advanced add-on features including online appointment requests, e-commerce catalogs, gift certificate sales, photo tours and more.

    How Do I Build & Edit My Website Using HairStylist WebPro?

    Unlike most web site development options, HairStylist WebPro gives you easy to use point and click tools to create your salon web site, and update it at any time without additional fees or hassles.

    You get the tools for uploading and inserting your own pictures and logos into your site as well as simple text editing features to tell your story exactly as you like to your web site visitors.

    Rather than paying a web guy or gal every time you want to change your web site imagery, update your hours, or add to your service menu... you can just log in and do it yourself in minutes, with no special knowledge or computer software required. In addition you can do it from ANY Internet connected computer anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day!

    Whether you want to have a simple site to just show off your service menu and build an email mailing list, or you want a full blown multimedia site with gift certificate sales and online appointment request forms... we have made it easy for you to meet your marketing objectives.

    What Does a HairStylist WebPro Membership Include?

    Standard HairStylist WebPro membership costs $24.95/month and includes all the following:

  • A 7 page hairstylist website with changeable text, photos, and flash slide shows. Pages Included:
    • Home Page - a special greeting for your customers along with your vital contact info
    • Services Page - includes your customized service menu with descriptions and pricing
    • Special Offers Page - a listing of your sales, events, and special deals
    • Product Reviews Page - hundreds of available brand logos for every product line you use
    • About Me Page - a profile and bio that highlights you
    • Online Guestbook - a powerful tool to build up your online mailing list
    • Contact Page - display your contact info, business hours, and a map of your location
  • Easy to use point & click site management tools.
  • Complete Email Marketing System with graphic headers and text to help you create impressive targeted emails.
  • Manage a list of up to 250 clients, with the option to expand in the future.
  • Detailed Appointment Calendar.
  • Access to thousands of beauty industry stock photos for use on your website pages.
  • A mobile version of your website for Blackberry, iphone and other PDA devices.
  • Built-in Local Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Optimization for your website.
  • Articles, business forms, and easy to understand info about Search Engine Optimization.
  • Domain name hosting for your website (ie:,, etc)
  • Domain email accounts (ie:
  • Free domain name*
  • Outstanding customer service to help you with your site editing.

  • In addition, we offer the following optional upgrades to enhance your site: (Optional Features come with additional monthly fees)

  • Extra Custom Pages
  • Appointment Request & Confirmation Tools
  • Gift Certificate and Gift Package Sales
  • Just In Time Gift Certificates
  • Online Product Sales System
  • Multimedia Photo Galleries
  • Multiple Locations
  • Special Occasion Wish Lists
  • A Custom Template Design program for those looking for a unique image/style and use of our easy point and click management tools.

  • How Much Does it Cost?

    After your 30 day FREE membership trial HairStylist WebPro costs just $24.95 a month!! No setup fees, no contracts.

    After your first 60 days the cost for Optional Features is as follows:

  • Extra Custom Pages - $2.50/month per page
  • Appointment Request & Confirmation Tools - $9.50/month
  • Gift Certificate and Gift Package Sales - $9.50/month
  • Just In Time Gift Certificates - $9.50/month + 4% on all transactions over $250
  • Online Product Sales System - starting at $9.50/month (price depends on the number of products in your the catalog)
  • Multimedia Photo Galleries - $7.50/month
  • Multiple Locations - $9.50/month per location
  • Special Occasion Wish Lists - $1.50/month
  • Who is Using HairStylist WebPro?

    Salon's and Spa's Across the country use HairStylist WebPro. We have a range of members from individual booth renters or independent massage therapists, to large corporate Salon's and Day Spas using the same tools to build and manage their own website. View some of our custom and standard featured sites by clicking on the links below:

  • Contour Spas
  • Carissa Garrettson Permanent Makeup
  • A.F. Bennett Salon & Wellness Spa
  • Vine Street Salon
  • Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge
  • Seasons Salon and Spa
  • Sixth Sense
  • Anthony Garubo Salon
  • Bella Capelli Salon
  • Dessange Paris
  • Eclipse Salon
  • Bodies Defined Fitness Studio
  • Natural Balance Massage
  • Salon Elegante
  • Salon FX Spa
  • Bella Capelli Sanctuario
  • Salon Salon
  • Salon Nordine
  • What Makes HairStylist WebPro Better Then Other Website Builders?

    We know that we have created an especially good system for our customers, because we know the professional salon industry.

    There are many sites that claim to give you "self-serve" tools. but we have specially designed our tools, imagery, and text for YOU - the independent hairstylists and booth renters looking to grow their business through online marketing.

    Most of our customers are hands-on people that make a living behind the chair. So we don't expect you to know the ins-and-outs of web development and programming. In fact, you will have a fully functional web site up and running within moments of registering, without typing a single line of code.

    We have designed our system to be really easy for you, even if you know nothing about computers.

    We are constantly improving our services based on the suggestions of our members. The best thing is, every great suggestion we get, helps to benefit all of our members. So everyone wins. What's more, we are really aware of all the intricacies of the salon industry, and have worked with manufacturers, distributors, consultants, educators, and everyone in between.

    We are the developers for some of the industry's hottest sites and technologies, including the new, Your Beauty Network, Salon Training International, Wella USA (Sales Force Automation),, as well as the Paul Mitchell The School web site and partner schools, and the Masters Audio Club, just to name a few. So we really try to understand your unique needs and communicate to you in a way that makes sense.

    Can I Use a Unique Design or Can I Make Changes to Existing Designs?

    We have several options for making your website unique and different. You can enter into our Custom Design Program and make changes to existing templates (colors, navigation buttons, etc), or have an entirely unique design created for you. You can use outside designers or work with our design team to capture the style that best reflects your style. The pricing for this program depends on the design elements you want changed or created. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and we will get back to you with pricing and detailed info about our program. You can also find more information on Custom Designs inside the membership section after you register for your free trial.

    Send requests to:

    I Already Have a Website, Why Should I Switch to HairStylist WebPro?

    It depends on this single factor: Is your web site actually Making you Money? Or is it just Costing you Money?

    If you already have a successful web site, then we congratulate you and encourage you to keep doing whatever it is you've been doing to get to where you are today. But one thing we consistently hear from our members is "I used to have a site, but every time I wanted to make a change, I had to call the web guy, waited two weeks, and then got charged an arm and a leg!" And half the time the change wasn't even correct! Or it cost more than you were quoted. We believe in empowerment, so we give you the tools to make these changes yourself and get them right the first time.

    And even better, we offer you some fabulous options to turn your site into a real money-making machine. By selling gift certificates and taking appointments online, you can build customer loyalty and grow your client base through the web

    Can I Use My Domain Name With My Website?

    If you already have a domain name registered you CAN use it with a HairStylist WebPro website. You will need to make a simple change to your Domain Name Servers (DNS) to allow us to host your website but there is no fee associated with the change. Detailed instruction on this change can be found in the membership section after you register for your free trial. It's really easy to do and if you need help we have customer service rep's ready to assist you.

    Can I Try HairStylist WebPro Out Before I Pay Money for it?

    You bet you can! We wouldn't ask you to choose your equipment without getting a chance to check it out! So we offer you a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of HairStylist WebPro with absolutely NO OBLIGATION to remain a member.

    You get 30 full days to build out your web site, customize your service menu, add your own imagery and text, and really get comfortable with this awesome service. You get full access to every tool and every article on the site.

    In addition, you can even try out our special features like gift certificate sales and appointment booking for 60 DAYS before you pay us anything for those features. If you choose to remain a member, then we simply bill you once a month for as long as you stay with us. There are no required set-up fees, no long-term obligations, and no "early cancellation" fees. Just a single, monthly billing that is conveniently charged to your credit card.

    If it's not right for your business, you can cancel with just a few clicks, right hassles no calls.

    Join HairStylist WebPro Now For Your Free 30 Day Trial

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